ims-service is since more than 15 years working in all fields of automatic vehicle washing systems. Through all these years we got a lot of experience in developing, installation and after sale service, for following washing systems, as:

Building up a network with other, flexible working companies, we are worldwide able, to serve all inquiries from customers, no matter if, new plants or used plants to modify, flexible and fast.

We are also working in joint venture with our partner in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia. There we are able to manufacture, install and do maintenance jobs with local partners. We are able to deliver the whole south East Asian market with the whole range of our products.
All kind of mechanical and electrical works can be done in our workshops, were all certificates are have been approved.

car, truck and rail wash systems - ims-service



self service stations


since several years we are operating a self service station, were we do modifications and testing to optimise the whole system. So we are able to check and test the news during the operating hours of the whole system.

We offer following services for self service stations

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Automatic car washing systems


We are installing standard automatic car wash machines, or modify existing or new plants for all the requests of our customer. Actually we are installing begin of 2005 a new car wash system at an Mercedes Benz workshop, were we have to modify an car washing machine, to fit all the wishes of the owner.

We offer following services for automatic car washing systems:

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Bus- and truck washing plants


Actually since January 2005 we are operating a commercial bus and truck wash system.

We offer following services for automatic bus / truck washing systems:

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Rail bounded vehicle washing systems


For washing systems for rail bounded vehicles, we offer following services:

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Modifications / service


For existing washing plants we offer following services:

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Example for an installation of an washing system for Metro trains


Here you see continuously how a train wash plant getting installed, commissioned and operate. In this case are we are installing this new washing system for the BHB Company, located in Germany. This washing plant is located in the centre of Bangkok, and used to wash the trains of the new MRTA underground line.

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example installation




Self service station located in Oberderdingen / news


Here you can get some information about our self service station, self operated from ims-service, at the location D-75038 Oberderdingen / Germany.
We are continuously modifying and testing new systems at this station, and we will
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self-service washing Oberderdingen




Other products / news ims- service


At these sites we offer you a small rang of products / solutions we offer to our clients. We are manufacturing, install and commissioning these products.

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other products